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white colored contact lenses for astigmatism

white colored contact lenses for astigmatism Two types of lenses cosmetic color contact lenses and special effects contact lenses. While these lenses occasionally correct vision when needed (they are basically spherical lenses), they also can blur vision because of their design. Colour contact lenses essentially change the appearance of the eye.

Some people may require color contact lenses for less superficial reasons (perhaps they have a physical defect in the iris of them) while others may simply want to ditch their natural brown eye color to blue is more interesting. Natural shades like brown or blue are available but so wild colors like purple. Subtle color contact lenses are colored lenses, which increases a person's natural eye color, as opposed to the drastic change that.

It is important that someone found that colored contact lenses in accordance with their natural features though; if eyes they may look strange.

Women who use contact lenses are advised to be careful when applying makeup, especially on the part of the eye. Because if not, cosmetic products can cause irritation, watering, until the itching. In addition to the expected cautious in the selection of make-up, contact lens wearers should also adjust the color of makeup with color contact lenses. What are the things to consider when putting on makeup while using contact lenses? Peek seven following tips:

1. Select the Free Oil
Quoted from Byrdie, box lens users are advised to apply an oil-free makeup berfomula. Why? Because the oil can 'take a walk' to the corners of the face and culminate in the eye. As a result, the lens you can blur that vision also becomes less clear.

2. Use Textured Cream Products
In addition to selecting the oil-free, if you can select all the textured cream. This is because the products are bertekstuk powder or powder can be attached to the lashes and into the eye. Powders that can get stuck in your contact lenses. To that end, looking textured cream eye shadow that is pretty much provided a variety of leading beauty brands.

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