Jumat, 17 Oktober 2014

benefits of organic green tea with lemon

benefits of organic green tea with lemon Lemon tea is a tea beverage that is given lime juice. Fresh lemon tea is not just for drinking, but behind the freshness it turns lemon tea also has some benefits. One of the benefits of lemon tea is refreshing the body and are also able to facilitate urination. So do not be surprised if it is associated with diet lemon tea. It was said to be a diet lemon tea, perhaps because when we drink lemon tea we would frequent urination so that fats in the body will come late when we pee.

Refreshing smell of laundry
Squeeze the lemon juice, then pour into the wash water.

Allow a few hours to soak the laundry.

Lemon juice will make your laundry so fragrant and free musty smell, particularly during the rainy season.

5. Creating and metallic silver furniture so shine
Combine the lemon juice and salt.

Then rub it on your silverware and copper.

This will help to remove stains and dull color due to oxidation or air.

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